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In February 2020, when the world was just learning of a virus that was killing hundreds and nearly thousands, Michelle and Super were in a Houston hospital. Michelle, in the ICU, was recovering from a medical error during a “routine” kidney stone removal, in which her lung and diaphragm were punctured.

Michelle was in so much pain that she became tachycardic and a code was called to the coronary care team. Ultimately, it was discovered that during the six hours of surgery and recovery, her lung filled up with over three liters of fluid that went undiscovered, and she was fighting for her life.

“Have you settled it?”

That is what Michelle distinctly remembers hearing, from her own voice throughout the commotion of the code. Michelle thought she was dying, and she thought that the voice was the Spirit of The Most High, coming for her.

There was no light. There was no outer body experience. Only the question, to which she responded, “Yes, I have settled it.”

 Next, there was a jolt from the pain of the insertion of an emergency chest tube, and then haze which lead to sleep.

The week that followed was mostly a blur, but it included moments in which Michelle begged the hospital staff to remove any one from her collection of tubes, which included a chest tube, nephrostomy bag, bladder stent, foley catheter, or nasal cannula.

“Please, just one.”

They did not.

The mentality of a husband, with the will to be strong in the midst of breaking and trying to find rest on the world’s most uncomfortable sofa, was not easily expressed by Super.

However, the realization of the fragility of life and the potential meaninglessness of it all, also triggered a deep reflection within him.

Life had to change.

Fast forward to after months of recovery, Michelle never forgot the question,

“Have you settled it?”

The answer was still yes, but there was much opportunity to reflect with Super on what exactly a settled life should look like. And ultimately the realization that theirs did not.

Undoubtedly, the message from this experience was that life should slow down and be filled with an overabundance of stewardship and gratefulness.

The Supers reframed their existence within the context of life or death, and there was clarity like no other.

It is said that tomorrow is not promised, but we do not always live as though it is true.

supersfarm was seeded to regain the power of freedom given to everyone, should one be so bold to claim it, glorify The Most High and live a life of legacy for our children’s children.

You are welcome to join us on the journey.

Peace to you,


Why supersfarm

In the fast-paced world that we live in, there is never a shortage of distractions, crafty marketing to get your dollars, and medicine of every kind to numb you from the reality of it all. The purpose of supersfarm is to provide a space for our family to be able to live in the world, but not be of the world.

The growth of anything must always begin with the stewarding of a seed. supersfarm is our dropping a seed, and documenting the nurturing of it, amid a world that only mostly seeks to uproot and wholesale it.

We document our journey, not because we have figured it out, but because we believe there is a message in the journey, for everyone.

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