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"It's So Real" - Dried Loose Leaf Tea

"It's So Real" - Dried Loose Leaf Tea

"It's So Real" is inspired by the Sorrel drink, and is our signature loose leaf tea blend. Sorrel is a full flavored, spice infused, tangy, and sometimes sweet beverage that embodies the taste of the Caribbean.

The main ingredient that gives this tea it's signature color is Roselle. The Roselle used in this loose leaf tea is grown on supersfarm, and is available for a limited time.


*Gift mug set comes with a heart tea infuser, and gift tag. 


Every ingredient not only taste great, but is great for you. 


Enjoy a glass of "It's So Real" hot or cold today!

Mix 2 tsp with 8 oz water. 


Total product weight 2.18 oz

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